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The Future of Access Control in Exhibition Events

Access control refers to the selective restriction of people from entering or gaining access to a specific place or thing. With the fast-moving technology, access control modes in trade shows, conferences, and events are also bound to change. trade show design companies are always looking for better ways to improve their strategies for trade shows and conferences.

Therefore, for better understanding, we will talk about the future of access control and how it can improve security at trade shows, events, and conferences in an efficient way. 

Access control, along with other important tools, has become an integral part of trade shows. While certain trade show stand builders feel that technology ruins the essence of trade shows, others feel differently. In general, trade shows cannot function efficiently without technology.

Face Recognition Base Access Control

The trade show stand design will become boring, and it will even fail to attract attendees. Therefore, the future of access control in trade shows and events is quite extensive. Face recognition and fingerprint sensors are some of the popular access control systems that are being used for trade conferences. 

Mobile-Based Access Control

Initially, trade show stand designs used key cards and chains to ensure their access control security. However, now with the developing technology, the security strategies of exhibition builder companies have also developed. Currently, the use of mobile phones for security has been predominant. Mobile phone access was quite slow in the beginning but eventually attracted an audience and later was widely used in trade shows. With mobile phone access control, the need for physical key cards diminished. It became a popular way of gaining access control.

Benefits of Using Face Recognition at Exhibition Event

However, technology did not stop there. Following smartphone access control, fingerprint access control also came into the market. It was the result of AI advancements that enabled the development of fourth-generation access control. Fingerprint access control was widely adopted by exhibition booth design companies since it was extremely helpful.

The latest access control technology is face recognition technology. It gained much more attention since it eliminated the need for touch surfaces to gain access control in trade shows and events. Especially during the pandemic, the spread of viruses and germs was limited due to such technology.

Exhibition stand builders opted for it because of its amazing ability to manage security easily. With face recognition systems, security risks like unauthorized access, illegal entry by using stolen cards, etc., became obsolete. It is the latest access control system that is extensively being used at trade shows and events for security purposes.

The system can be deployed at various locations and can be managed with the help of a single dashboard, making access control advanced. 

Therefore, the future of access control in trade conferences, events, and shows is ever-changing. With the developing technology, access control systems will also develop. So, you need to stay informed and updated so that you can include the latest access control systems in your trade show booth design to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.

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