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The Top 5 Upcoming Trade Shows in USA 2023-24

A company must hire an exhibition stand contractor in United State if it wants to construct an exhibition stand for trade shows there. The greatest trade show solutions and services are offered by companies like Expostandzone when looking for exhibition stand contractors in the United States.

They make use of fabricators, contractors, and display stand builders. They guarantee a trouble-free trade show and expo for your business in United State.

5 Top Trade Shows in USA 2023-24 Below :

IMTS Expo Chicago, USA 2024:

Date 9-14 September 2024
Venue Chicago, USA

The largest and most established industry trade event in the Western Hemisphere, the International Manufacturing Technology Show, is held every other year at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. The makers, the builders, the buyers, and the drivers of manufacturing technology join together to interact and be inspired at IMTS Chicago 2024, which will take place from September 9–14, 2024.

The IMTS show Chicago 2024 exhibits experts from all over the world who attend IMTS Chicago to learn about the most recent developments in traditional and digital manufacturing. If a company wants to impress at the convention, an exhibition stand design company in the United States is very necessary.

Commercial UAV Expo Las Vegas, USA 2023:

Date 5 - 7 September 2023
Venue Las Vegas, USA

The premier worldwide trade event and conference concentrating on the integration and use of commercial UAV in certain vertical markets is called Commercial UAV Expo 2023 and is organized by Commercial UAV News. An exhibition stand builders in the United States is crucial if a business wants to make a good impression at the conference. More than 130 exhibitors and 1,955 drone experts reunited in person in 2021 for the first time in two years to network, learn, and advance the industry. Commercial UAV Expo 2023, which starts on September 5 and ends on September 7.

Vision Expo West Las Vegas, USA 2023 :

Date 27-30 September 2023
Venue Las Vegas, USA

The event, Vision Expo West 2023 brings together eye care, eyewear, education, fashion, and innovation. For Vision Expo West Las Vegas 2023, ophthalmologists and opticians from all around the world will attend. The Venetian Expo in Las Vegas 2023 will host the event from September 27–30, 2023. It serves as a forum for those in the industry to learn about cutting-edge technologies.

Las Vegas Souvenir Show Las Vegas USA 2023 :

Date 4-7 October 2023
Venue Las Vegas, USA

The Las Vegas Souvenir Show 2023, the biggest show of its type, offers a variety that will help you set your business apart in your neighborhood. Everything is available, from high-profit products and customized designs to garment resources and designs ready to ship in the early spring. Join us from October 4–7, 2023, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada to browse more than 1300 booths. In order to be successful at the Las Vegas Souvenir and Gift show the input of an exhibition stand contractor in the United States is important. 

Natural Products Expo East 2023 USA :

Date 20 - 23 September 2023
Venue Pennsylvania, USA

The East Coast's top venue for connecting with consumers interested in natural, organic, and healthy living products is Natural Products Expo East 2023. It is the largest Natural Food Expo East in the world and it starts on the 20th of September and ends on the 23th of September 2023. 

The Importance of Knowing Upcoming Trade Fairs in the USA 2023-2024

Building an exhibition booth design takes a lot of effort in the US. It is crucial for businesses to be aware of the event's precise schedules in advance so they can plan with an exhibition stand contractor in the United States and be at the venue in plenty of time.

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