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Top 5 Budget-Friendly Exhibition Booth Design Ideas

Exhibiting in any city or country has always been a tough task for the exhibitor, this is because they have to keep in mind everything, from exhibiting plans, products to be kept on display, staff, to the financial plan. While you are exhibiting, budget is the most important thing that needs special attention. However, there can be instances when you have a shoestring budget, then again you cannot postpone the exhibiting schedule. 

If you have a smaller exhibition budget, or you are renting an exhibition stand design, or it is your company’s first exhibition, whatever the reason, you have to stand out from the competitors in any exhibition. If you cannot afford a fancy exhibition stand contractor or an exhibition booth design, there are some budget-friendly ideas that will definitely help you in the longer run.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the top 5 exhibition stand design ideas that will make your brand stand out from the crowd in any exhibition.

Here are the five great ways to make an impact even on a budget:

  • Clutter-free Display Design: If you are tight on budget, it is better to have a clutter-free exhibition booth construction company. This is because, when the exhibition stand construction is junky and unorganized, visitors tend to skip that exhibition booth design. When you have a clutter-free exhibition stand builder, it will save a lot on your expenses, plus it will look inviting. 
  • Have Banner Stands: Banner stands are some of the most affordable exhibition items. They have multiple benefits, they are easy on the pocket, have attention-grabbing graphics, and deliver the brand message. The perfect blend of all these will create a budget-friendly exhibition booth design.
  • Follow the rule of K.I.S.S that is, keep it simple, stupid: Whenever you are designing your exhibition booth construction, try to keep it as simple as possible. If you have a great product, all you need is a few tables, a banner to feature your logo, and a smiling staff. This exhibition stand contractor layout will invite the visitors into your exhibition stand design for a more important conversation. With some simplicity, add some elegant customer service and invite your customers to sit with you. It will create a positive impact on your brand.
  • Promotional Products: You may think that offering promotional products will lead to spending more on an exhibition, but this is not the case. Promotional products help you with your branding. These kinds of products are effective at creating a buzz and generating leads. There are different tiers of promotional products, the first tier is inexpensive ones like mobile phone covers or keychains. These items can be easily purchased in bulk for a fairly low price. The second tier of promotional products is slightly more expensive and luxurious, like coffee mugs or calculators. You can freely pass on these promotional products with the name and logo of your company. It will save you on branding. 
  • Don’t compare yourself: There are various major corporations that spend a huge amount of money on an exhibition stand builder. These exhibition booth designs look like theme parks. However, when you are a small or medium-sized company, building such a huge exhibition booth design is not an option, which is alright! There is various small exhibition stand construction that creates more impact on the audience than the big ones. 

If you are searching for a budget-friendly option for an exhibition stand builder London, simply search We are an online portal that connects exhibitors, organizers, and exhibition stand contractors in London. We offer the exhibitors, quotations from the top 5 exhibition stand builders in London that are reliable and reputable. 

We hope, that this blog will give you more ideas when you are exhibiting on a shoestring budget. 

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