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Top 5 Upcoming Exhibitions in Berlin, Germany 2023 - 2024

Berlin is home to the Estrel Congress Centre (ECC), one of the largest and most modern conferences. If you are planning to exhibit anywhere in the world, be sure to exhibit once in Berlin. As Berlin offers its exhibitors various business and networking opportunities. 

You can make your name in a Berlin exhibition if you have an exhibition stand design. In order to build your exhibition booth design, be sure to contact an exhibition stand builder Berlin

But before that, check out the top 5 upcoming exhibitions in Berlin, Germany 2023 -2024. They will open various doors of opportunities for your brand. 

HIPPOLOGICA Berlin 2024 Germany - The Horse Show of the Green Weak

Date 19 to 28 January 2024
Venue Messe Berlin Germany

About the trade show: Hippologica Berlin 2024 is the biggest equestrian trade show in Berlin. Hippologica 2024 Berlin is the horse show of green week. Hippologica 2024 Germany is a traditional equestrian sports event. It organizes the largest indoor sports tournament in Berlin. Hippologica Berlin will host several national and international exhibitors, who will be showcasing their equestrian gear, nutritional foods, supplements, the latest products, and horse care accessories.

Hippologica Berlin 2024 will also host live demonstrations of dressage shows, on-site horse-riding lessons, jumping competitions, and others. Hippologica 2024 Germany will also organize professional lectures and educational seminars on important topics related to horse health, and others. Hippologica Berlin will provide multiple networking opportunities to the exhibitors. 

Fruit Logistica Berlin Germany 2024 -   

Date 07 to 09 February 2024
Venue Messe Berlin , Germany

About the trade show: Fruit Logistics 2024  Berlin is one of the leading exhibitions for the fresh fruit and vegetable community. Moreover, Fruit Logistica Berlin 2024 will also organize Fruit Logistica Online will be available before and during the exhibition. This online program will encourage effective networking and communication with the community. Best fruits, vegetables, herbs, organic products, innovative technology, and the latest machinery will be featured at the Fruit Logistica 2024 Berlin.

Fruit Logistica 2024’s panel discussions will focus on key topics of this industry. Fruit Logistica 2024 Germany will also host the annual Fruit Logistica Innovation Award (FLIA), to honor amazing innovations in the national and international fruit and vegetable supply chain. 

Asia Apparel Expo 2024  Berlin Germany - 

Date 20 to 22 February 2024
Venue Messe Berlin, Germany

About the trade show: Asia Apparel Expo 2024 Berlin is the biggest annual exhibition for apparel suppliers and fashion professionals across the world. Asia Apparel Expo Berlin 2023 will gather international manufacturers, apparel dealers, and fashion experts for an in-person gathering. With Asia Apparel Expo 2024 Berlin you will be encouraged to explore new production opportunities. Asia Apparel Expo 2024 will give an insight into the latest trends of Europe’s leading retailers, brands, and importers.

Here, you can also browse through the finished garments. Asia Apparel Expo 2024 Germany will showcase over 450 Asian companies, who will offer top-quality products from several categories. Plus, Asia Apparel Expo 2024 will also include live demonstrations, guided tours, and competitions. 

 ITB Berlin 2023 Germany - 

Date 07 to 09 March 2023
Venue Messe Berlin, Germany

About the trade show: ITB Berlin 2023 is the world’s largest travel and tourism trade fair. ITB Berlin or also called Internationale Tourismusborse Berlin is going to bring together the travel industry. ITB Berlin 2023 Germany will see over 10,000 exhibitors and 160,000 visitors. ITB Berlin will offer a complete product overview featuring over 180+ travel destinations.

With ITB 2023 Berlin you can gain a competitive advantage in the travel market, by using the successful product presentations, and business networking taught at the exhibition. Get to learn about the market-driving forces at ITB Berlin 2023 Germany. Take advantage of the ITB Buyers Circle, which groups the top 1000 visitors with considerable decision-making and purchasing power. 

DMEA 2023 Berlin - Europe's leading event for digital health

Date 25 to 27 April 2023
Venue Messe Berlin, Germany

About the trade show: DMEA 2023 Berlin is Europe’s leading event for Digital Health. DMEA Berlin 2023 will gather the international health IT community in Berlin. DMEA 2023 Berlin will showcase and explore modern products and digital solutions in the healthcare sector, including AI, Health IT, and more. Over 11,000 medical professionals, researchers, and industry stakeholders will be present at DMEA Berlin 2023. DMEA 2023 plans to host several activities and supporting events, thereby creating various business prospects.

DMEA 2023 Berlin will also organize guided tours, interactive pavilions, educational programs, training workshops, and press meetings. DMEA Berlin 2023 Germany will also organize the Newcomer Award, an annual award ceremony for the best bachelor’s and master’s theses in health IT, medical informatics, and health management.

These were the top 5 upcoming exhibitions in Berlin, Germany 2023, listed by us. There are many more exhibitions organized in Berlin every year. 

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