Creativ Messebau IFB Ing.-Büro GmbH

Creativ Messebau IFB Ing.-Büro GmbH

Germany | Ratingen

ABOUT Creativ Messebau IFB Ing.-Büro GmbH

40 years of quality, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.  Since founding the company Ingenieurbüro für Bioklimatik (IFB) in Ratingen, Germany, on 8 December 1975, our family business has been evolving steadily. In the past, we presented our air conditioning units on major trade fairs and we were often deeply unsatisfied with our stand builders. This was why, in 1983,  we decided to take the design and construction of our stand in our own hands. The uniqueness of our appearance at trade fairs drew plenty of attention, and a number of partner companies asked us to build their stands, too. Since 1985, building exhibition stands has been our core business and our great passion. Our many years of experience mean that we have successfully completed a large number of projects and have established a loyal customer base not only here in Germany, but also abroad.


  • Stand Fabrication
  • Material Rental
  • Installation/Break Down
  • Shipping
  • 3D Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Management
  • Printing


  • Germany