Deko Werbung Gesellschaft mbH

Deko Werbung Gesellschaft mbH

Austria | Langenzersdorf

ABOUT Deko Werbung Gesellschaft mbH

After his father and company founder Paul Gigeringer prematurely determined Peter`s student maternity leave in consequence of obviously missing ambition, he is now the most important part and the “soul” of the company since 30 years. Thanks to his engagement the Deko Werbung was able to reach the Information Age. For days and nights he self-studied the design and presentation of exhibition stands and reached it to perfection, and those skills enabled him to provide safety growth for the company. In his free time he plays with his Fender Guitar solo at his practice room or he is playing music with his friends of Suspect Formation for one of their performances.


  • Stand Fabrication
  • Material Rental
  • Installation/Break Down
  • Shipping
  • 3D Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Management
  • Printing


  • Austria