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  • Imagine the pleasure of working with a contractor who never calls you with a request to reschedule the object "because we were let down by suppliers." Imagine ...

Kiev | Ukraine


  • Expo Artel is a company of the best specialists in the creation and construction of exclusive exhibition stands. Design and construction in the performance of our profes...

Kiev | Ukraine


  • Advertising and production company ""Aspect-Design"" was established in 2002 in Kiev. One of the main principles of our work is an individual approac...

Kiev | Ukraine

VYBIR Exhibition Company, Ltd

  • The company ""Choice Expo"" was established in 2009 as a powerful center for the provision of various exhibition services. Not today we are not just ...

Kiev | Ukraine


  • ISM Group (In-Store Marketing Group) is engaged in design, design, visualization, production and installation of trade and exhibition equipment in Ukraine for more than ...

Kiev | Ukraine

Cube Expo


    Take advantage of our comprehensive event organizer and exhibitor support services before, during and after the trade fair. We will take on any tasks th...

Kiev | Ukraine


  • the company Cryoservice provides services in the design and construction of exclusive stands and exhibits at exhibition venues in Ukraine and abroad. Professional team C...

Kiev | Ukraine


  • We are a dedicated and multi-talented team of interior designers and consultants who provide end-to-end services in event management. From exhibition booth design to pla...

Kiev | Ukraine

Chumackiy Event Agency

  • Chumackiy Shlyah is the first truly specialized event-agency. Our specialization is the organization of festive events: stand construction and managment, grand openings,...

Kiev | Ukraine


  • We supply a comprehensive exhibition, design and build services which also showcase the latest trends and innovations. It is important that the stand is working ...

Kiev | Ukraine

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