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Tekto Gesellschaft für Design mbH

Published by Tekto Gesellschaft für Design mbH at Germany (Aschheim) on September 2017
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Tekto Gesellschaft für Design mbH

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TEKTO. We could now start with a profound consideration of this name, omit the connection to network and tunnel structures of important manganese oxides, ie via so-called tecto-manganates and their intelligent connection to modern exhibition construction. This need not be. Therefore: TEKTO stands for more than 35 years for conceptual cooperation with the customer, which includes working together to achieve the customer-specific goals. It can also happen that we develop alternatives that deviate strongly from the original ideas of the customer. In addition, it is also the trappings, so accompanying measures such as multi-level announcement mailings, sales promotion, the integration of decorative elements, etc., an important part of our considerations. For every TEKTO employee, every planned appearance is a holistic affair.

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