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8 Tips for Choosing the Right Trade Show to Attend

Trade Shows are a great way to make a name in the industry. They provide a great platform for companies to display their products, and reach new audiences. However, with thousands of exhibitions organized all over the world, it becomes more difficult than ever to select the right trade show for your brand. 

Selecting a trade show booth builder to design a trade show display is also tricky. So, immediately after selecting your exhibition, you must contact a trade show booth supplier. 

Every trade show is different than others, and there are exhibitions of different industries as well. Now, the question is, which trade show should I choose for my brand? 

Several factors are taken care of before choosing the right show to attend. To help you with your selection, we have provided some tips for choosing the right exhibition to attend. 

1. Set your exhibiting objectives: Different trade shows suit different business needs, hence it is crucial to outline your exhibiting goals, and then select the exhibition. You may       want to exhibit:

  • to increase brand awareness
  • increase sales
  • launch a product
  • interact with your clients
  • establish your presence locally
  • build long-term relationships, etc.

Once you’ve decided on your exhibiting aim, read profiles of the trade shows to see if they match your criteria or not. Major exhibitions are hosted to develop business relationships and meet new clients. However, if you want to establish your business locally or increase your sales in a particular area, you can select a regional trade show. 

2. Know your budget: The next step involved in selecting the right exhibition to attend is to know your budget. The cost of selecting a trade show booth builder is different, and the exhibition cost is different. You must do thorough research on a trade show to know the approximate cost of participation. Use the method of “percentage wise allocation” of your budget. Divide your budget into different sets to have an estimated reading of the budget. 
After selecting your exhibition, be sure to check it with your expenses. 

3. Know your industry: For several brands selecting an industry-specific exhibition is very important. If you participate in any random trade show, you may not be able to achieve your exhibiting goals. For instance, if you offer B2B services or products, you may exhibit at local business trade shows. If you are from the hospitality industry, then be specific and select a hospitality exhibition. Although, these trade shows are slightly more expensive than generic exhibitions, however, it is better to participate in an industry-specific trade show to fulfil your exhibiting goals. 

4. Choose some probable options: After selecting your industry for the exhibition, separate some options that may be suitable according to your goal. Even though hundreds of new trade shows are organized every year, you should not be in dilemma and stick to the exhibition that you’ve selected.

5. Know your competitors and know which trade show they are targeting: Keep a beady eye on your competitors and which exhibition they are going to participate in. It is possible that your competitors may have great funding for exhibition participation, and they may be exhibiting at big trade shows, for which you will hefty budget. If you are not able to participate in such a big event, look out for other exhibitions where your other competitors may be participating. 
You can get information about the participants on the official website of the exhibition. 

6. Be aware of your target audience: A trade show has maximum participation of attendees, however, your target audience may not be there. It is very important to know your target audience. According to data, approximately 50% of the visitors attend an exhibition within a 200-mile radius of the event location. So, look into what percentage of attendees will fit your customer profile. Figure out the percentage of your top prospects and plans of the current clients to attend. 

7. Check that two exhibition dates are not clashing: When assessing trade shows, do check that no two exhibitions where you are planning to exhibit have the same dates or are placed consecutively. Simultaneous trade shows can double your expenses and may hamper the budget. Other than this, know about other exhibitions that are going to be organized in the city. Even if the trade show is not related, the arrival of many people can make a difference in the flights and hotel rates. 

8. Check the space available on the exhibition floor: When you’ve decided on your exhibition, look into the trade show display spaces that are available on the exhibition floor. The location of your booth can also create a big impact on the traffic your booth can create. Furthermore, check whether the space available fits your stand layout. If not, think about several alternatives. 

Once you have tick marked on all the pointers, it should be easy to know which trade show is right for you. 

After finding out your right trade show, you should focus on selecting a exhibition stand builder company, that will assist you in building your trade show booth design. To make your search for a trade show booth supplier easier, is designed. 

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