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How To Choose The Right Size Exhibition Stand

There are excellent and horrible exhibitions, just like there are good and bad things in this life. Whether you're a trained professional or a first-time visitor, the key to attending a new exhibition is to make sure you choose the ideal one for you.

The overall success of such an exhibition is determined by achieving ideal conditions in two areas. The manner in which your exhibit is planned, designed, delivered, and monitored. These are all up to you, and future instructions inside the Exhibition Academy will go over how to maximize your influence in each of these areas.

The number of visitors and their quality. Anyone can get the biggest, most effective exhibition stand in this world, but if the proper individuals don't come through the door, you won't be able to achieve your goals and produce the required exhibition return on investment. A successful exhibition stand design Germany necessitates the organizer actively marketing the event to the appropriate demographic and making it an event that your targeted prospects could indeed afford to waste.

Location And Size of the Best Exhibition Stand

Another crucial component in ensuring a great event is the location of your booth within an exhibition hall. Exhibition halls are often large spaces, and the arrangement is rarely uniform or standardized due to the wide diversity of stand sizes anywhere at a given show. As a result, visitors do not follow a set itinerary around the exhibition, and you cannot expect them to go past your booth. There are a few things you may do to increase foot traffic at an exhibition:

The very first row of stand spaces at the entryway is typically thought to be the nicest because it is assumed that every visitor will see you. That isn't always the case, as visitors are typically preoccupied with getting their bearings when they arrive at a show and pass right by the very first couple of lines of stands. People are usually 3 or 4 rows into the presentation by the time they are comfortable and relaxed.

If at all possible, avoid dead corners. When people stroll around an event, they frequently take a shortcut around the corners, which means that if you've placed there, you may lose a significant portion of the traffic due to these small mistakes of the exhibition stand builders.

A corner stand boosts traffic flow by allowing people to approach you from all directions; yet, because of this, they are popular and frequently rented from year to year.
Look for a location with a lot of natural foot traffic, such as near a café or a conference center. Again, they are frequently popular, but there's a reason for that, so attempt to get to the front of the line for these good locations.

During the previous year's event, organizers and also trade show stand builders normally begin selling stand space for their upcoming exposition. Whether you're attending or exhibiting at the event, it's a good idea to identify the section of the floor space you'd want for your booth and chat with the organizers about it.

Most organizers will let you rent a booth and provide you with a six-week cooling-off period during which you can cancel your reservation without incurring any fees. Consider this as a possibility, and arrive early to secure a prime spot.

Summing Up:

When done correctly, exhibitions are a highly effective marketing tool, which is why 75% of those polled in 2016 have said they will consider presenting at more shows in 2017. Triumfo International GmbH, one of the most well-known exhibition stand builders or exhibition booth design companies, creates exhibits that leave an indelible impression on potential business partners and customers. Please contact us if you are ready to create your booth or if you require any additional information on which event would be the greatest fit for your needs.

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