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Three Phases of Exhibition Preparation

Participating in an exhibition is rewarding and beneficial for every business and brand. Planning plays a very important role when participating in an exhibition. When you have a proper plan then only you can achieve every exhibiting goal you’ve set for yourself. 

Rather than focusing on simply designing a booth and setting up products, you should emphasize on all the phases that are involved in the exhibition stand design preparation. There is a saying that states, “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” There’s no such term as being over-prepared when you are participating in a trade show, but being under-prepared cannot be beneficial.

Here, are the three phases that are involved in Exhibition Preparation:

Phase 1: Research and Planning

The first phase is the most important phase while you are preparing for your exhibition. This is because all the major research and planning done here will benefit you in the next phases. 

Type of exhibition: When you’ve decided to participate in an exhibition, it is imperative to know in which exhibition you are going to participate. Will it be beneficial for your company? Will it help you to gain the attention you are searching for?

Purpose of Exhibition: Next, what is your purpose for exhibiting? Are you going to exhibit to generate leads, or to launch a new product? Are you going to target your audience or search for new customers? Make a list asking all these questions, and finalize your exhibiting goal. 

Exhibition Stand Design: What will be the exhibition stand design? The exhibition booth design and the exhibiting goal must go hand-in-hand. Your exhibition stand construction should deliver your brand’s core message and vision. The exhibition booth construction should be made in a way that reflects the energy of your brand.

Exhibition Stand Contractor: After deciding on the exhibition booth design, choose your exhibition stand builder. Choosing an exhibition stand contractor months before your exhibition is worth it because contacting your exhibition stand builder a few days before the exhibition can be very risky. 

Budget: The most important part of the first phase of the exhibition is to decide on the budget. Your financial plan will consider the exhibition stand design, location of the space, accommodation, transportation, staff payment, and many other things. 

Team selection: Last but not the least, consider who will represent your brand and business at the exhibition. Select someone who knows everything about your company, and can also convince your target audience. 

Phase 2: During the Show

The exhibition has begun, and you only have a few days to make all your research and planning count. There are various things that need to be kept in mind while you are exhibiting: 

Select a Speaker: Various big companies feature guest speakers throughout the exhibition. Select a speaker that will represent your brand. Seminars and guest speakers can connect to your potential leads.

Technology can help attract more customers: Incorporate various technologies that will draw a crowd towards your exhibition stand design. Use a wireless charging station, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality, or offer free Wi-Fi. 

Spot Demonstrations: Appeal to your audience with the spot demos of your products. You can make your demonstration even more impactful with AV components. 

Phase 3: After The Show

Although the exhibition has ended, your work has not. Like the first phase, Phase 3 of an exhibition preparation is also important, since, you need to keep a record of whether all your research and planning worked or not. 

Compile reports: Select a staff member who will compile a report of all the metrics. And all write a synopsis which can be used as a reference for the next show. 

Measure the growth in numbers: Before the exhibition, check the number of followers on each social media account, and after the show measure the growth. 

Conclusion -

Hence, all three phases of exhibition preparation and planning are important during the exhibition. And you have to consider creating a balance between all three. 

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