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What is the Average Cost of an Exhibition Stand in Europe?

There is no such fixed amount for all the exhibitors rather it depends on company to company or the elements you choose in your trade show. In this blog, we will tell you about various expenses that you have to bear while exhibiting in an exhibition. 

In the end, we will suggest you one of the best platforms where you can get the finest trade show booth design companies that can provide you with an effective deal in a cost-effective manner.  

Look at various essential aspects that involve in the budget of building the best exhibition stand. 

Raw Materials

The raw material is one of the important factors as the whole quality of the trade show stand depends on the raw material you choose. It will include metal, glass, lighting, textiles, electricity, custom signage, and wood. This cost will depend on the price of the market. The best quality ensures a high-quality finish and gives a professional as well as attractive look.  

Size and Type of Exhibition Stand

The size of the exhibition stands matters! If you choose a 10x10 trade show stand you will require less amount and if you choose 20x40 then the amount will be higher. Apart from the size, another thing that decides the cost of your exhibition stand is the type of trade show stand that you choose. For example: if you choose a double-decker stand then the cost will be higher as compared to a single-storey trade show stand.

Manufacturing & Logistics

Manufacturing requires lots of machinery and workers on the whole we can say that this process requires a significant amount of budget. The cost is reduced when the trade show booth builder has their manufacturing unit.

Another important aspect that involves a good amount of budget is logistics. While taking the whole trade show stand from one place to another, it requires a lot of effort by the professionals which requires money.

Essential Technology

Technology brings your exhibition stand to the next level so it is something that you don’t want to ignore. Though it requires a big amount but the advantages are also huge. Incorporating technologies such as pads, LED screens, big digital touchscreen displays, audiovisuals, and much more will help you to seek the attention of your maximum potential buyers while leaving a long-lasting impression on them.  

Use of Different Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in increasing the attractiveness of the exhibition stand which results in maximum footfall and engagement. It also helps in highlighting your product and the company’s signage to make sure better visibility. By using lights of different colors at different places you can set the mood and create a positive ambience to present your products and services among a large number of potential buyers.

Program Management

The Program Manager makes sure that everything is going as per the expectation of the client. In case, something goes wrong then the managers handle everything smoothly. This is the reason why program management is an essential aspect while exhibiting an impressive exhibition stand design. Don’t overlook this part as it will help you in concentrating on your core work effectively and efficiently.

Installation, Dismantling & Storage 

Another important aspect where you need to invest while exhibiting is the installation process. It requires an expert hand to carry out every aspect in a perfect manner. 

After this, you need a team who can dismantle your trade show stand and place it at a warehouse of the company. If you are a frequent exhibitor then you will also require a warehouse facility where the trade show stand can be kept so that it can be used on the next trade show.

Other Expenses

There are some other expenses that you can’t miss if you want to exhibit effectively. These expenses are mentioned below:

  • Training as well as staffing of experienced and skilled employees.
  • The cost involved in electrical and internet facilities.
  • Maintenance including repairing and cleaning charges after regular intervals.
  • Storage cost, travel costs, mileage reimbursement, and Per diems/catering.

Save Your Money with the Best Exhibition Stand Builders in Europe

If you want to incorporate the above-mentioned elements at a reasonable price then simply contact us. We provide top-notch exhibition stand contractors in the market who is completely resourceful. 

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